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"The Baddies"

Captain Navier

  • Human
  • 50-55 years old
  • French
  • Pirate Captain
  • Captain Navier is the pirate captain of St. Brendan.

    He repeatedly makes failed attempts to take control of Sérénité.

    Your average Saturday Morning Cartoon villain and Chezy's archnemesis,at least according to him.


  • Human
  • 23-28 years old
  • French & Greek
  • "Evil" pawn
  • Achille is Navier's subordinate and only crewmate.

    Completely uninterested in pirating, he was basically forced into the job because he owes him lots of money.

    He tends to complain quite a lot.

    Surprisingly talented at cooking.

    The Threats

    Captain Thiessen

  • Human
  • 40-45 years old
  • Danish & Japanese
  • Captain
  • Captain Thiessen is the notorious captain of the Bellona vessel.

    Obnoxious and sarcastic, but in a 'fun' way.

    Unlike Navier, her schemes often bear fruit.

    DeChézy dislikes her. Used to be good friends with Manning.

    Captain Skull-eye

  • Human
  • 23-28 years old
  • Canadian
  • Pirate Captain
  • To some, she is the cruellest and most fearsome pirate alive. To others she's just a weird larper.

    Either way, the nautical world was shaken when she captured Countess, and now everyone is waiting for her next move.

    Navier is her stepdad and she finds it devastatingly embarassing.