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The Leads


  • Human
  • 18-21 years old
  • Greek
  • Sailor
  • Leni is an enthusiastic young woman with a kind heart and a carefree mind.

    She messes up even the simplest tasks on the ship, to her captain's dismay.

    Loves her job, her friends and her boyfriend. Can play the guitar and sing (sort of).


  • Human
  • 18-21 years old
  • Indonesian
  • Sailor
  • Dian is an adventurous, acts-before-she-thinks type of person.

    Bravery is her greatest virtue, but it often gets her into trouble. She doesn't back down easily and gets caught up in all kinds of shenanigans.

    Wants a cool sword and an animal sidekick desperately.


  • Human
  • 18-21 years old
  • Panamanian
  • Sailor
  • Marta is a bright -and unusually educated for a sailor- gal who got into the job in order to support financially her writing career.

    Dreams of becoming one of the best authors of the 20th century. Despite that fact, she's the most reasonable out of the three.

    Loves The Arts™ and dressing up.

    The Rest of The Crew

    Captain DeChézy

  • Human
  • 52-57 years old
  • French
  • Captain
  • Captain DeChézy is the captain of Sérénité, thus on the top of the hierarchy.

    She loses her temper easily and is very demanding, but shes well-liked amongst the crew.

    Indifferent to anything that hasnt to do with her job or the sea in general.

    C/M Manning

  • Human
  • 40-45 years old
  • American
  • Chief Mate
  • Chief Mate Manning is the second in command on the ship and captain DeChézy's right hand woman.

    Friendly, collected, and good at giving advice, she's the one who eases the tension when conflict arises.

    Enjoys fishing.

    ChEng Campos

  • Human
  • 30-35 years old
  • Brazilian
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Engineer Campos is required to work long hours in the ship's engine room, making sure everything goes steady.

    She's a bit depressive and even misanthropic at times, but she means no harm.

    Protective of her assistant, Flavia, who is also her younger sister.


  • Human
  • 23-28 years old
  • Ghanaian
  • Sailor
  • Akua is the most skilled sailor among the crew, and the one DeChézy relies upon the most, second to Manning.

    She likes telling others about her adventures but she exaggerates some details from time to time.

    Easy going and popular but a bit of a lone wolf.


  • Human(?)
  • 23-28 years old
  • Brazilian
  • Second Engineer
  • Flavia is ChEng Campos's sibling and handy assistant.

    She's quiet most of the time and doesn't spend time with anyone but her sister, so her crewmates don't really know what to make of her.

    Rumor has it that she's a really good singer!